Karma Wheelchair

Karma Aurora 5 Aluminum Wheelchair

Aurora 5 Premium Foldable Wheelchair By Karma is a Modern Stylish Lightweight Folding Wheelchair. Most Economy Wheelchair folding Karma Wheelchair fashion style. This is an aluminum alloy frame Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair. It has a fixed armrest and footrest for maximum user comfort. This is Karma's Travel Wheelchair which can be put into the bag and take away.

  • Ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Aluminum Fold down backrest with rear pocket
  • Seat Belt
  • Puncture proof tyres

Karma Aurora 5 Aluminum Wheelchair Specifications

  • Seat Width: 16"
  • F/R Wheels: 7" / 16"
  • Seat Depth: 42 cm
  • Total Width in Open Position: 59/62 cm
  • Width in Closing Position: 22 cm
  • Seat to Armrest Height: 22 cm
  • Total Length: 94 cm
  • Seat Height: 50 cm
  • Back Height: 38 cm
  • Total Height: 86 cm
  • Net Weight: 10Kg
  • Max. User Weight 100kg
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KP 10.3s

  • Product Name: KP 10.3S
  • Frame Material: MS Powder Coating
  • Out to Out Width In open Position: 24 Inches
  • Seat Width: 17 Inches
  • Seat to Floor Height In: 19 Inches
  • Seat Depth: 17 Inches
  • Total Height: 37 Inches
  • Max user Weight Capacity 100 KG
  • Net Weight: 61 KG
  • Footrest: Detachable
  • Wheel Quality: Solid
  • Rear Wheel Lock: Yes
  • Hand Brakes: No
  • Dropback Handle: No
  • Wheel Type: Mag Wheels


  • The brand-new highly user-friendly KP-10.3 is here and ready to ship to your market.
  • The KP-10.3, based on KP-10, is improved with our captain seat and has multi-adjustments on the armrests and footrests to provide the user comfort and versatility.
  • It can be quickly disassembled into seat, base & battery pack in 30 seconds and fits easily into standard sized trunks.
  • The compact base is the heaviest component at merely 24kg so most anyone can lift it.
  • The battery pack is so quick and easy to change, your customers will want to buy an extra battery pack for daytrips with their families.
  • Users can turn on a dime and cruise at 6km/hr for apprximately 15km/charge.
  • The KP-10.3 is an affordable choice for you and your customers. Take the new KP-10.3 for a spin; you'll love it.
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Ryder 30 Power Wheelchair


  • Light Weight. Heavy Duty Power/ Motorised wheelchair. Best for both Indoor and Out door usage. With Foldable Backrest, Flip up Arm rest For easy transfer and Swing away Footrest.
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Karma Rainbow 8 Reclining Wheelchair With Commode


Karma reclining commode Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility. Has 8" PVC Caster front wheels, and 24" Solid rear wheels.

  • Reclining Wheelchair with Commode
  • Foldable
  • Brake lever for the attendant
  • Detachable Footrests

Karma Rainbow 8 Reclining Wheelchair Measurements

  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Frame Material : MS Chrome Plated
  • Open position wheel to wheel width in : 26” (inches)
  • Seat Width : 18” (inches)
  • Total width in closing position : 11” (inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24” (inches)
  • Front Wheel Size : 8” (inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height in : 21” (inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18” (inches)
  • Total Height : 50” (inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity (kgs) : 110
  • Net Weight (kgs) : 23
  • Upholstery : Rexine
  • Armrest : Detachable
  • Leg rest : Detachable with elevated footrest
  • Wheel Quality : Rear Solid wheels
  • Rear Wheel Lock : Yes
  • Hand Brakes : No
  • Drop back Handle : No
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