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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Month

Medical Equipment Need Infusion Pump/Syringe Pump for medication administration
Usage/Application Home/Hospital
Payment Options Monthly Settlement
Location Alwar
Service Mode Offline
Service Duration 1 Month and more

Wellbeing provides Infusion Pump Rental and support to Infusion pump-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best pump and range of administration for your requirements.

There are different types of infusion pumps, and each are designed to carry out a different specialized purpose. For example, an insulin pump is used specifically to deliver insulin to diabetic patients. Patient-controlled analgesia pumps are operated by the patient, allowing them to self-administer a controlled amount of medication, as needed. Further, a parenteral pump is what is utilized when delivering liquid nutrients or medication directly into a patient digestive tract.

Each kind of infusion pump rental/sales accompanies with a variety of advantages. Some of those include, programmable dosage limits, capacity to be mounted to an IV pole or isolet, network with the patients data management system, fast impediment recognition, and more.

Additional Information:

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  • Delivery Time: 1 day